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We was born in the 1994 for a decision of Felice Belfiore and Pasqualino Jannelli - former headchief of European Economic and Social Comitee - as "asbl" (association without lucratif goals) to contribute to the " diffusion of culture and art in Europe and in the world. We can organise stages, conferences, meetings, expositions, shows, cultural exchanges" (art. 3 Statut). During our activity we have had the pleasure to be received by Queen Paola during the visit in Brussels of the delegation of Roman Women. We organised the exposition of Enrico Pasquali with the cooperation of Comune di Bologna and Evere Brussels inaugurated by the former president of E.U. Romano Prodi. President of Region Bruxelles Capital Charles Piqué welcome the delegation of Catania during the visit in Belgium, the Mayor of St. Agathe Berchem has been received in Catania during the famous fest of the Patron Saint. We contribute for the organisation of inauguration of delegation Regione Siciliana in Brussels, during the visit of the Pope in Germany. We organised the welcome and the services in Benelux of the Papaboys. The new head office has been opened by the european parlmentary Raffaele Lombardo president of Regione Siciliana. The famous painter Maestro Stefano Puleio has been exposed at European Parliament by us. We cooperated with regions, provinces, institutions from all Europe to give the best of Belgium to the delegation in visit in Brussels. Now we operate in South France also (with excellent connections with Egypt - Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Universities of Cairo and Alexandria, Superiors hotel's schools of Cairo and Alexandria), we try harder to continue to give you always the best in culture, education, art.
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LA MOSTRA A BRUXELLES di Stefano Puleo Stefano Puleo - La Mostra A Bruxelles Bruxelles 2011
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